Guess our Mystery Dancer!

Hey everyone,

We’re playing a little game to guess the dancer that we’re hosting in April! The first person to guess correctly will win $5 off the cost of the workshops, but you only get to guess once – so make it a good one!

We will have five clues total, each posted on Monday night, and will be revealing our dancer on September 14th (along with the winner!). You can guess by commenting on our posts on our Facebook page, sending us an email, sending us a Facebook message, or commenting on the posts in our Facebook event page. Our first clue can be found below…


Clue #1: ____ has been a performer and instructor at Tribal Fest, 3rd Coast Tribal, and Tribal Massive

We’re starting off pretty generic…don’t worry if this doesn’t help you, the clues will get better and better as the weeks go on! Remember, one guess each! If you guess more than once, we’ll only look at your first one. May the odds be ever in your favour!


Save the Date!

Hi everyone!

We’re very excited to announce that we will be hosting an amazing dancer from the USA in April of next year. Save the date and save your dollas, cuz you won’t want to miss this one!

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 3.22.52 PM

Keep dancin’!

Lorna and Kara

We’re still here!

Hi guys!

Don’t worry, despite the recent radio silence, we are indeed still kicking! Life has gotten in the way of much of our dancing schemes recently, but things are still happening behind the scenes. In case you aren’t following them on Facebook (but you should be), here is a link to album 2 and 3 from Kazoo Productions’ coverage of the Kaleido Festival waaaaaaay back in September: (scroll most of the way through the album to find us–you’ll see Lorna solo-ing along the way!)

Album 2 includes our drum duet and double swords, and Album 3 includes our feather fans and fusion-ey goodness! Thanks (one more time) to everyone who was there and who helped make the festival what it was.

Keep dancing!

Lorna (and Kara)

PS: we’ll get some of those pics on here soon, promise!

PPS: We’re working on more workshops, too….! Stay tuned!

Kaleido Festival was AMAZING!

HUGE THANKS for making our debut a smashing success everyone! We enjoyed every moment from the stage and hoped you enjoyed it from the audience as well!

**Stay tuned for future performance announcements** (found here and on Facebook!).

We’d also like to extend some extra thanks to the Kaleido Family Arts Festival for organizing, Bedouin Beats Caravan Stage for hosting us, Tania Gee and Wolfe Junge for MCing, and Kazoo Productions for recording via film and photo (you can find all of these folks on Facebook!)! Of course, our biggest thanks goes to you, our lovely audience, because without you we wouldn’t exist!!

We’ll have a bonus post-set photo for you just as soon as Kazoo makes it through those 3200+ photos they took… 😉

Cheers and keep dancing!!

❤ Lorna and Kara


Just in case you didn’t hear in one of the many places we’ve been announcing it, we are debuting at the Kaleido Family Arts Festival on the Bedouin Beats stage at 3:20PM and 5:45PM on Saturday, Sept 13th! We can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces in the audience!

…So what are you going to see from us?

  1. Energy
  2. Excitement
  3. SWORDS!

It’s gunna be epic!

And best of all, it’s FREE!


(PS! Lorna will be doing a solo at 2:20PM if you’re there early!)

Photo Shoot!

InFusion is so excited to have an upcoming photo shoot here in Edmonton! We can’t wait to show you what we come up with!

In further news–in case you missed it–InFusion is debuting at the Kaleido Family Arts Festival! We can be found for not one, but *two* performances on Saturday, September 13th on the Bedouin Beats Caravan Stage!! (times TBA). Information about the festival can be found at