InFusion is both a performing troupe and a teaching duo! We offer a variety of workshops on request (see below). We also teach full sessions of belly dance for those interested in more in-depth technique and skills.

Current Classes:

Please see and for up to date class listings and to register to dance with us!

Available Workshops

Performance Preparation and Stage Presence
Instructor: Kara and Lorna
Length: 2 part series, 1.5 hours each
Description: In the first part of this two-part series, Lorna will lead you through exercises and activities to enhance your mental training for performing and break away from performance anxiety. This interactive workshop is based off of Jim and Ceci Taylor’s research into dance psychology, as well as Lorna’s own experiences. In the second part of the series, Kara will explore techniques for bringing out your stage face and getting comfortable in front of an audience. Please bring a pen/pencil and clothes you can move in (notes will be provided).

Instructor: Lorna
Length: 2 hours
Description: Bring your dance to a whole new level with this exploration of belly dance off your feet! In this 3 hour class, we will explore how to get to–and off of–the floor (gracefully!), and what you can do once you’re there. Options for group improvisation (i.e. ATS-format movements) will be offered throughout. A yoga mat and knee pads are highly recommended for this intense workout. Bring extra padding (such as a folded blanket) if you feel you need it.

Foam Rolling
Instructor: Kara
Length: 1.5 hours
Description: Foam rolling is a form of self massage used to help relieve muscle tension, to stretch and relax the muscles. Join Kara as she works the way through the whole body teaching how to properly stretch and foam roll all major muscle groups from head to toe.
This workshop is not just for dancers! Everyone can benefit from a little rolling!! Tell your friends!

Belly Dance in a Nutshell (great for bachelorette parties!)
Instructor: Kara or Lorna
Length: 1 hour
Description: Take an intro class to beginner belly dance with Kara and Lorna! In this one hour class, learn some of the key basic movements to start shimmying like a pro.

Swords, Sabers, and Scimitars…Oh My!
Instructor: Kara and Lorna
Length: 2 hours
Description: Are you ready to do battle? In this action-packed workshop, Kara and Lorna will help you make friends with your pointy prop. We will explore concepts such as sword presentation, non-balanced movements, balancing, balanced movements, and sword care. Obviously, you will need a sword to participate in this one! Notebooks, pens, and a headband or sword hat are also recommended

Introduction to Finger Cymbals
Instructor: Lorna
Length: 2 hours
Description: Finger cymbals were once a standard part of a belly dancer’s performance. When played with skill, these instruments can add another element of interest to your dance. This class starts from the basics: how to wear your cymbals, what sounds you can make with them, and the basic rhythms commonly found in performances, such as running 3’s, 3-3-7, and 3-1-3-1-3 (for a complete list of rhythms taught in this class, please contact the instructor). Finally, we will start drilling these rhythms with some basic belly dance combinations to get your hands used to their new role! Please bring finger cymbals and a notebook.

Exploration of Finger Cymbals
Instructor: Lorna
Length: 1 hour
Description: Building off of techniques learned in “Introduction to Finger Cymbals”, this class is for the more experienced belly dancer who is looking to break out of the basic rhythms. After a brief review of posture and sounds, we will cover more advanced rhythms such as singles, alternating, 4’s, and combinations. If time permits, we will explore improvised zilling–riffing to a piece of music with no set plan! Please bring finger cymbals and a notebook.

Basic Musical Theory
Instructor: Kara or Lorna
Length: 1.5 hour
Description: Particularly useful for those that use finger cymbals (but helpful for any dancer who wants to add layers with precision!), this class will explore basic musical theory and music composition. By understanding the foundations of music, you will be better prepared to stay on beat, anticipate what’s coming, and pick apart the different layers within music for performance preparation.

American Tribal Style Intensive*
Instructor: Lorna
Length: 3 or 4 days, 7 hours per day. Day 4 is optional
Description: That’s right – the *whole* format, in just 28 hours! American Tribal Style is a group improvised choreography format originally developed by Fat Chance Belly Dance of San Francisco, which was based on the teachings of Jamila Salimpour and her belly dance format.
This workshop will introduce the concepts of group improvisation, including formations, cues and non-verbal communication, presentation, and transitions. Days 1, 2, and 3 include all “classic” movements, while the optional day 4 includes “Modern” ATS (i.e. movements from Volume 9). ATS floorwork and tribal makeup are *NOT* taught in this class. Bring zills (if you have them) and a notebook.
*Please note that InFusion is not a registered Sister Studio of Fat Chance Belly Dance

Introduction to Improvisation
Instructor: Lorna
Length: 3 hours**
Description: Have you ever wanted to climb onto the stage without a set plan of what was going to happen? Are you interested in breaking from the confines of choreography–or are you looking for fresh inspiration in your own choreographing? Well, this class has that to offer, and more. Drawing from the instruction of noteable improvisation performers such as Mira Betz, Kami Liddle, Dr. Donna Mejia, and Calamity Sam (and her own experiences), Lorna will introduce the concepts of individual and group improvisation, musicality, variability, and dynamism. Through both group discussion and various activities, we will explore what improv can be! Bring a notebook and an open mind.
**This brief introduction can also be expanded into a more in-depth, multi-week improv exploration (please contact the instructor)

Creating Collaborative Choreographies
Instructor: Kara and Lorna
Length: 2 hours
Description: Are you in a dance troupe? Do you want to be in the future? How do you go about creating a choreography when there are multiple creative minds in the process? Kara and Lorna have both been a part of multiple troupes, and have tried several ways of creating a collaborative choreography. In this two hour workshop, we will explore a few of the common and less-common methods to making a group choreography. We will also briefly review some basic choreographing techniques. This class is helpful to the group as well as the individual!


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