Kaleido Festival Fast Approaches…!

Hey everyone!

We’ve been hard at work this summer creating some great new pieces to show you at the Kaleido Family Arts Festival on the Bedouin Beats Caravan Stage! (www.kaleidofest.ca). InFusion performs 5 times, including in the instructor showcase! Lorna and Kara will also each be performing solo. Here’s all of our set times:

September 11th @ 9:20pm: InFusion (long set)
September 12th @ 3:25pm: Lorna (solo #1)
September 12th @ 4:00pm: Kara (solo)
September 12th @ 4:45pm: InFusion (short set)
September 12th @ 6:15pm: InFusion (long set)
September 13th @ 2:55pm: Lorna (solo #2)
September 13th @ 3:55pm: InFusion (short set)
September 13th @ 5:25pm: InFusion (long set)

Can’t wait to see all your smiling faces in the audience! Remember, this is a FREE event!

Happy long weekend!


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